Singapore Imposes Tougher Regulations For Slot Machines In Social Clubs

Singapore Imposes Tougher Regulations For Slot Machines In Social Clubs

Singapore is clamping down on usage of slot machines in the city’s social clubs. The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that a new set of regulations is being rolled out that will test the clubs’ expanse of non-gaming amenities in a bid to check gaming activity levels.

All clubs that fail to clear the test will be required shut down slot machine operations by April 30, 2018 according to a statement from the ministry. Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam has been quoted in a local newspaper as saying that the new rules were a measure to ensure that the clubs retain focus on social activities.

In a statement the Ministry said,

Over time, a number of clubs have relied on fruit machines as a major activity. This is not in line with the intention of allowing clubs to operate fruit machines only as an ancillary part of a broader suite of social and recreational offerings to club members. Many clubs will see a reduction in the number of fruit machines they can operate. The reduction in the number of fruit machines will be phased-in over the next two years.

The news report quoting data from the ministry stated that there were currently nearly 82 jackpot venues operational in Singapore and a total of nearly 1,900 active jackpot machines. Under the new rules the total number of active machines could be slashed by a third according to the ministry.

The new regime proposes stricter criteria for operating slot machines, a cut down in the number of machines run by some clubs and from November 2017 tighter regulations on those who will be eligible to play the slot machines. Currently, clubs can operate slot machines if at least two other recreational facilities are also present.

From November 2017, access to slot machine areas will be provided within clubs only to those who hold membership credentials for at least a year and are 21 years and above.

Currently players who are over the age of 18 can play the slot machines. Club members will also henceforth be restricted from bringing guests into slot machine areas. The operating hours of such zones has been limited from 10 am to 11 pm. Violations of the law will result in penalties under the Private Lotteries Act including fines of up to SGD20,000 and a jail term of up to one year. The ministry is also announcing a range of new problem gambling measures such as imposing new restrictions on advertising.

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Is It Possible to Predict the Outcome of Slot Machines?

Is It Possible to Predict the Outcome of Slot Machines?

There was a recent news story in which it was reported that many land based casinos had been hit by a team of slot cheats that had been able to predict the outcome of the random number generator attached to some older styled video slots.

How those slot machines cheats were able to predict the outcome is quite long and drawn out, however they had got hold of an old slot machine and had run a computer programme whilst playing it and had then been able with some pinpoint accuracy to predict when to press the start button on that slot to get a winning spin.

When the team members then went into a land based casino they will live video stream themselves playing a slot which was sent in real time back to another team member who would then run that players slot play through a computer which then would send out a text message to another mobile phone they had in their pocket.

Once the other team member felt that phone vibrate letting them know a text massage had arrived they would then click onto the spin button at just the right time that the random number generator would select a winning number to determine a winning spin!

Online Slot Machine Random Number Generators

When you play online slot games there is on central random number generator, and when you click onto the spin button to send the slot reels spinning it is at that moment in time a random number will be generated, and that number will then be used to determine if the next spin will be a winning or losing spin.

That system has been found to be fool proof and highly secure, and as the random number generator is in a highly secure area with no one having access to it then you can rest assured that you are going to be playing fair and random slot machines when playing at any of our featured casino sites.

Many licensed and regulated casinos are also required to have their random number generators audited once a year at least, and when they are a report is produced which certifies that they are producing completely random and unpredictable numbers which in turn guarantees the slots you are playing linked up to that random number generator are fair and true.

You will have both winning and losing session when playing slot game online but above all else each spun will be random.

Certified Fair and Random Slot Games

To make selecting a casino site at which to play at as easy as is possible, every single casino site you will find listed throughout this website and fully reviewed too are all fully licensed and regulated in at least one jurisdiction.

That means you are always going to have a very wide and varied selection of different casino sites to play at, and another we do look out for are casino sites that offer some of the largest selections of slot machines.

As such you are going to find three reel and classic slots on offer at those casino sites, along with plenty of video slot games fruit machines and progressive jackpot paying slot games too.

You have full control over the stake levels you can play any of the slot games at our featured casino sites, and you will also find that is if you play them via the free play options the free play demo mode slots have the exact same payout percentages as the real money versions of each of those games too, so you can play them for free and get a true feel for how they will all play and pay when you switch over to playing them for real money!


One little tip we can pass on you if you are looking for slot games to play online, is to look up the long term expected payout percentages that each slot machine has been set to return to players over the long term.

There will be lots of different payout percentages, however what you should ideally be looking for are the slot games that have a payout percentage of at least 96% as those slots will, over you long term play give you more winning spins and more of your stake money back as winning payouts.

Please have a good look through as many of our additional slot and casino game guides, for by doing so we will be pointing you in the right direction of the very best slot game you can play online, and we will also be introducing you to lots of different slot games that you may never have seen or played before, and every single one of them are completely fair and random, so you can win at any moment when playing any of them!

Microgaming Launches Jurassic World Slot

Microgaming Launches Jurassic World Slot

Microgaming's Jurassic World slot

Microgaming rolls out Jurassic World slot game.

This year’s edition of ICE Totally Gaming convention, held from February 7-9 in London, saw the announcement of Microgaming’s new Jurassic World Online Slot.

The title was to be a sequel to the game released in 2014, and as you might have guessed, it was inspired by the 2015 movie, and the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series. Produced together with Universal Pictures, it was announced the video slot would feature characters and creatures from the movie.

Dinosaurs Are Coming Back

Now, Jurassic World slot has finally gone online and is available at Microgaming-powered casinos. The players can enjoy the game on the go, since the slot is available across all platforms.

Microgaming is bringing an action-packed title, with top notch graphics and high quality animations, with plenty of chances to win rewarding payouts. The five-reel three-row title has 243 different ways of winning, which will definitely be appealing to players, especially those looking to bring home hefty wins.

The betting starts at $ 0.30 and goes all the way up to $ 7.20, with the chance to win up to 1000 times the wager during the Main Game.

Lucrative Features

Jurassic World slot is a combination of popular features from the original game and new bonus rounds. The game logo is the Wild and can appear stacked on the reels. One of the more lucrative game’s features, is triggered by the Indominus Rex, a symbol that will appear randomly on the reels, offering the chance to win 1000 times the stake.

Game’s Scatters award free spins, while the players can choose the feature they want to play.

Choosing the Gyrosphere Valley awards 10 complimentary spins, with a hefty win up to seven times the wager waiting those lucky enough. On the other hand, the Creation Lab will also reward you with 10 free spin, but with a twist in the form of Rolling Reels.

Symbols forming winning combinations get replaced with new ones, which means some hefty winnings are at hand. Raptor Den bring the usual 10 spins, accompanied by scattered Wilds and the chance to win additional 15 spins.

Whether you’re a fan of Jurassic Park franchise or not, be sure to check this title out since it can definitely make it worth your while.

Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slots and Blackjack on the rise in Japan

Japanese gamers begin to appreciate slot machines and blackjack more than other similar games.

One of the world’s leading consulting firms when it comes to the casino gaming, hospitality and airline industries, Global Market Advisors (GMA) claims the future gaming floors of Japan will be much different than they are now.

GMA believes slot machines will have a much bigger share, also adding that blackjack will become the player’s favourite, while baccarat will drop in popularity.

GMA thoroughly analyzed the situation, stating that the biggest misconception is to assume that Japanese players have the same taste as those in Macau, China’s Special Administrative Region.

A Different Gaming Culture

Unlike the Chinese, which have a table game culture, Japanese gambling culture is centered around machines. While Baccarat and Sic Bo are very popular among the Chinese, the players in Japan enjoy Oicho-Kabu and Pachinko.

The authors of the report believe that  50% of Japanese gaming floors will be allocated to table games, with 45% to slot machines, while only 5% will go to table games, at least at first. In the future, it is expected that those ratios will change in favour of slot machines, at the expense of table games.

GMA claims table games won’t lose popularity in years to come, but the firm predicts the rise of slot machines, especially in Japan, where electronic gaming is very popular and where manufacturers already understand the desires of players and the mechanisms of the market. It is expected that Japanese slot manufacturers, including Aruze, Konami and Sega Sammy will focus their attention to the development of those slots that will suit the needs of the adult population.

New Trends

GMA added that this rise in slot machines popularity would be more noticeable in Japan then on other Asian markets.

When it comes to table games, it is expected that blackjack will become more popular. This rise in popularity will come at the expense of baccarat tables, which won’t dominate Japanese gaming floors, at least not as they do in Macau.

Operators will have to adjust their offer to match the needs of the market, so it is quite possible to see new gaming solutions.

Which are the Best Online Slot Tournaments to Enter?

Which are the Best Online Slot Tournaments to Enter?

We often get asked just which slot tournaments are going to be the best ones to enter, for one thing that has become very noticeable recently is that there are a huge number of different slot tournaments available to online players, and as such some of them are worth entering whilst some of them sadly are not.

Take for example the slot tournaments that are not designed in the usual way, and those are usually slot tournaments that are only going to reward players with a cash prize if they manage to score enough comp or loyalty points when playing with their own money.

Those are the tournaments and slot playing competitions that only high rolling slot players are going to have a chance of winning as they are bound to earn a much higher number of comp or loyalty points based on the fact that they will be wagering much higher volumes of cash on each real money slot playing session they have!

Below we have listed a couple of different types of slot tournaments that may be of inertest to you that we feel are some of the best ones you can enter online, so please do read on to find out what they are!

Huge Paying Month Long Slot Tournaments

If you want to get lots of fun and excitement playing in slot tournaments over a much longer periods of time then look for the tournaments that can last an entire month, or are played just one a month, for due to the number of entrants in those types of slot tournament the cash prizes on offer can be huge!

Also, it may be worth checking to see if any of those types of slot tournaments have low priced qualifier tournaments, for as such when you do enter one of the low cost or even completely free of charge qualifying tournaments you have the chance to win a direct entry for free or for a much reduced cost into the main event!

Just keep in mind though that any slot tournaments that is held each month and does have a huge prize pool up for grabs will see a lot of professional slot tournament players taking part in them, and that means those entrants and players will be buying adds on during the month or during their entry and as such one entry is usually never enough to get a high enough score to win one of the major cash prizes!

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

You are going to some across quite a few casino sites that are going to be offering you at least one daily freeroll slot tournament, and as a player who enjoys playing slot games and slot machines it is going to be worth your time and effort making a date in your diary each day to play in those slot tournaments.

Being free to enter then there are of course no financial risks involved in entertaining them and taking part in them, but you never know you may end up winning one of these slot tournaments, and the cash or bonus credit prizes can be quite high in value too!

One thing to keep in mind though in regards to playing in freeroll slot tournaments is that there can often be a limit in regards to just how many players can sign up and register to take part in them, and as such you need to register your place in those no risk and completely free slot tournaments as soon as you can, for they do tend to fill up very quickly and if you leave it to the last minute you may not find any spaces available in them!


There are of course lots of benefits of entering slot tournaments whether free to play ones or paid to enter ones, and one of the main benefits is that they can be a very low cost way to play slots online or you only need to pay one entry fee on the paid to enter ones and you get plenty of play time for your money.

However, always look around for different online casino sites at which to play at, for what you will find is that some casinos may just have a small number of slot tournaments available or even just the network wide set of slot tournaments whilst some other casinos will have their own exclusive range of slot tournaments on offer.

Also, keep in mind that you all often be able to pay an additional entry fee to allow you to carry on playing in some slot tournaments and as such it is possible when you take part and enter those slot tournaments to keep on playing and increasing your score as long as you are happy to carry on paying for additional add-ons!

Play’n GO Moves to really Norse Exciting activities in Viking Runecraft Slot

Play’n GO Moves to really Norse Exciting activities in Viking Runecraft Slot

Play'n Go announce Viking Runecraft slot

Play’n Go powered Viking Runecraft slot game will soon be released in online casinos.

Swedish software provider Play’n GO proudly presents the latest addition to their extensive portfolio of high quality games, which will be familiar to anyone who had at least once played titles like Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga.

The new release is called Viking Runecraft and promises a lot of excitement, entertainment and lucrative payouts to all those brave enough and skilled enough to embark on this quest.

A Unique Gameplay

Viking Runecraft has a unique and very challenging gameplay, which is completely different from what a regular slot machine player is used to. The game features a 7×7 grid, filled with various Viking-themed symbols, including runes, axes and helmets.

The game starts on Journeyman level, whereas the ultimate goal is to reach the level of Gods. To do so, you will have to clear patterns in order to advance to the next level. On each level, there is one of the four Gods present – Thor, Odin, Freya, or Heimdall – and each of them can randomly activate a feature that will increase your payouts.

  • Thor – gives 5 to 9 Wild symbols
  • Odin – 4 Wilds are created in groups of two
  • Freya – Wild symbols are created in four clusters, until a win is achieved
  • Heimdall – one Wild is created on each row

As we said earlier, to reach a next level, you must clear patterns or, to be more specific, fill them with winning combinations. Patterns are generated randomly at the beginning of an each level.

But That’s Not All

The game has many other equally exciting and rewarding features, such as Runes of Valhalla, Charge of Destruction and Ragnarok Free Round. This is a title you’ll definitely want to check out. Play’n GO slots will never disappoint.

The game will be equally appealing to those looking for some fun and those seeking a big win. Since this is a high variance video slot, it can leave you cashless very quickly, but can also reward you with hefty payouts. Viking Runecraft has an RTP of 95.3%.

Microgaming to really Role To get Specter considering the Opera Slot

Microgaming to really Role To get Specter considering the Opera Slot

The Phantom of the Opera slot coming soon to Microgaming casinos.

The Phantom of the Opera is coming to the world of online slots, as world-famous software provider Microgaming has obtained the licence to produce the unique game.

Expected to arrive later this year, the slot is based on 2004 movie starring Gerard Butler. The movie itself was an adaptation of the acclaimed Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical and proved to be a huge Box Office success, earning more than $ 150 million.

More than thirty years after its premiere, the 1986 musical has become a cult classic. It is the longest running show in Broadway history, as well as the highest earning show in history, grossing more than $ 6 billion.

About The Phantom of the Opera Slot

The video slot will feature the movie’s main characters and unforgettable musical numbers sang by the actors themselves, as well as original film material, behind the scenes footage and much more.

The players will have the chance to meet the elusive Phantom, hiding and lurking in his subterranean lair beneath the Opera House, and Christine, whose beauty captures the heart of the Phantom. Everything is set for an adventure of epic scale and generous payouts, with thrilling twist and mesmerising soundtrack.

Microgaming Game Publisher, David Reynolds emphasised the enormous success of the Phantom of the Opera and its iconic status. He promised a title worthy of its name, with lots of main game features and action-packed free spins.

He also stated this was a new genre for Isle of Man-based developer and quite a challenge, with a great amount of know-how invested in its completion. Reynolds announced the game is to be expected in the second part of the year.

Microgaming is one of the leaders in the online gaming industry, claiming to have released the first genuine online casino back in 1994. Since then, the company has launched more than 850 unique casino games with over 1200 variants. Their portfolio consists of both licensed and proprietary content for which the company received the industry’s most prestigious awards.

What Slot Game Series Are Played the Most Online?

What Slot Game Series Are Played the Most Online?

sneak-a-peek-doctor-doctor-slotPlaying slot games online that are part of a series of slots is something that many players like to do, as they will often enjoy the similar themes but will also enjoy the playing structures and much more so the bonus features and the bonus games that can be triggered.

If you are seeking out some slots which are part of a series of slots then it will be beneficial for you to sign up to and play at our featured casino sites, for there are going to be many such slots on offer.

Below you will find two of the most popular gaming platforms available online that a huge number of casino sites use to power their respective casinos and as such please do read on for you are bound to find some or even all of the following slots highly playable.

Keeping mind to that you are going to be able to sample playing any of the slots listed below that are part of a series of slots for free and at no risk if you want to see how they play and pay to help you determine just which ones you may enjoy playing when you switch over to the real money playing environments!

Most Popular NetEnt Designed Slot Game Series

NetEnt software is very easy to use as their gaming platform is an instant play one which requires no downloading of software, each game they offer, and they do offer hundreds of different games most of which are high paying slots will load and launch into any type of web browser.

Their Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams series of slots are the ones you need to track down and play if you want the chance of becoming an instant millionaire, as both of those slots have progressive jackpots attached to them that do grow in value to some mind boggling amounts of cash!

However, if you are simply looking for lots of entertainment and plenty of winning opportunities and you like playing bonus game awarding slots online then make a beeline to play their South Park series of slots, they have two different slots in that series and what you are guaranteed to find when playing ether or even both of them is that those bonus games trigger very often!

Microgaming’s Most Popular Series of Slots

If you make what we feel is one of the best decisions you can ever make when selecting a casino site at which play at and opt for a Microgaming powered casino site then you are going to find a huge range of slot machines to play at those sites many of which are part of a series of slots.

The Sneaky Peek range of slots is a three part slot game series and when playing any of the slots in that series you will find they all offer two different bonus games.

One of which is a set of free spins on which additional free spins and growing multipliers can come into play, and the other bonus games all three of those slots share is a pick and match type of bonus game that will entail you stripping off an Alien, Nurse or Doctor in the hope you bag one of its higher valued winning payouts!

Microgaming’s Untamed Series of slot is also another highly playable series of slot machines on which free spins can be triggered, however all of the slots which make up that series of games come with a very unique type of gamble game option on which you have control over the level of risk and the payout you can achieve when out choose to make use of the optional gamble game!


One thing that you will need to be away of however when playing any types of slot machines online is that they can and will offer a different long term expected payout percentage.

Even slot games that are part of a series can have different payout percentages attached and on offer on them and you will be best advised to make a beeline to play those which come with the highest published payout percentage.

By doing so over your long term play you are then going to find you will get more of your stake money retuned to you as winning payouts, and will get much more play time from those higher paying slots than you ever would playing slots with lower payout percentages.

To discover just which slots do boast the highest possible paybacks please have a good look through all four slot game guides and articles as we do reveal in many of them that all important RTP information that will allow you to very easily track down the very best paying online slots to play!