Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slots and Blackjack on the rise in Japan

Japanese gamers begin to appreciate slot machines and blackjack more than other similar games.

One of the world’s leading consulting firms when it comes to the casino gaming, hospitality and airline industries, Global Market Advisors (GMA) claims the future gaming floors of Japan will be much different than they are now.

GMA believes slot machines will have a much bigger share, also adding that blackjack will become the player’s favourite, while baccarat will drop in popularity.

GMA thoroughly analyzed the situation, stating that the biggest misconception is to assume that Japanese players have the same taste as those in Macau, China’s Special Administrative Region.

A Different Gaming Culture

Unlike the Chinese, which have a table game culture, Japanese gambling culture is centered around machines. While Baccarat and Sic Bo are very popular among the Chinese, the players in Japan enjoy Oicho-Kabu and Pachinko.

The authors of the report believe that  50% of Japanese gaming floors will be allocated to table games, with 45% to slot machines, while only 5% will go to table games, at least at first. In the future, it is expected that those ratios will change in favour of slot machines, at the expense of table games.

GMA claims table games won’t lose popularity in years to come, but the firm predicts the rise of slot machines, especially in Japan, where electronic gaming is very popular and where manufacturers already understand the desires of players and the mechanisms of the market. It is expected that Japanese slot manufacturers, including Aruze, Konami and Sega Sammy will focus their attention to the development of those slots that will suit the needs of the adult population.

New Trends

GMA added that this rise in slot machines popularity would be more noticeable in Japan then on other Asian markets.

When it comes to table games, it is expected that blackjack will become more popular. This rise in popularity will come at the expense of baccarat tables, which won’t dominate Japanese gaming floors, at least not as they do in Macau.

Operators will have to adjust their offer to match the needs of the market, so it is quite possible to see new gaming solutions.

Online casino bonuses, customer service and fund transaction security make a top online casino popular

Online casino bonuses, customer service and fund transaction security make a top online casino popular

How does an online casino measure up as a top online casino over so many others? There are quite a few factors that may be responsible for taking up the rankings of an online casino, but there are a few which stand as the most important ones. One of them may definitely be online casino bonuses that pull in most of the crowd. But the responsibility to keep the crowd attached in the online casino site falls on the other factors as well. Bonuses may get people in but what is it that keeps them in? It is only the long-term and consistent performance of an online casino site that can keep it in the race.

Online casino bonuses – attracting customers
There are a number of online casino bonuses that may be awarded by an online casino site to its members. It may be the first deposit bonus, subsequent deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, reference bonus and other kinds of bonuses that attract them to the site and keep them in. This is the first and most important factor that plays a major role in deciding whether an online casino can rise up to the standard of a top online casino.

Customer service – winning their loyalty
Promises of rewards will definitely get an online casino a large number of new members but if they are unable to find the satisfaction in the services offered by the site, they will not continue with their membership. Online casino bonuses will not be able to keep them hanging around for long. Customers will collect their sign up bonus and withdraw their funds without spending much time. As gamblers, they have to look for online casino sites that offer them better service. Usually a top online casino will have round-the-clock customer support system so that their members can get help whenever they seek for it.

Safety in transaction of funds
This is one of the most important factors that make a top online casino win its position and keep it going strong. Online gamblers are often worried about online transaction fraud and other such security issues. If an online casino site can ensure that their members can transact without any such cause of concerns they will be able to win their loyalty as well. And, this starts from the time the sign up amount is paid by the customers and they are given their online casino bonuses in turn. Once the first step takes place without a glitch, it becomes easier to trust the online transaction methods adopted by the online casino. There are rules to prevent money laundering that are taken by the casino companies. Implementation of different gambling rules makes the casino trustworthy.

So, the above were three of the most important factors ensuring that an online casino becomes a top online casino and remains so. Winning the trust of the members is as important as distributing online casino bonuses. While these bonuses may bring in a lot of players but they will stay on only when they are sure about the kind of service and results that the online casino site has to offer.

Main reasons why greatest casino sites have gotten popular as casino games online web pages

Main reasons why greatest casino sites have gotten popular as casino games online web pages

Online casino sites have become extremely popular thanks to their chances of profitability and position of trust that they have gained from their stakeholders. And, this doesn’t happen in a day’s time. It takes consistently good performance over a period of time to win a position of trust and faith among the players. And to be aware of top casino sites you can refer to websites that offer unbiased reviews about these online gambling websites. There are a number of casino sites where you can wager your money and hope to gain from it. If you are stepping into the world of online gambling for the first time then you may need a bit of caution so that you aren’t taken for a ride.

Why play in online casino sites
First of all, it’s a much better proposition to play online as you don’t have to head for a real casino when you feel like placing a bet. A virtual casino is where you will be able to gamble anytime and from anywhere. Some of the top casino sites are also accessible from mobile devices as well. Moreover, you can make all the payments through safe banking procedures. Then there are the first deposit bonuses as well to encourage the first time players to place a wager.

You can either download the software or play in the instant version. Even though you will get more features when you play through the downloadable version, playing through the instant version isn’t less interesting as well. To play with the help of the downloadable version you need to register first and make an initial deposit before you can start playing in one of the top casino sites.

Finding out about top casino sites
There are a number of online casino sites where you can have a great chance of winning a good amount of money, but it is only in some of the best ones that you may have the chance to win without the risk of fraud. The difficult part is to find out about the top sites so that you can have a fair chance. This can be achieved with the help of websites which keep information about online casino sites and offer recommendations about how to begin playing. They also make it easier for the first time player to understand the rules of the game. You can also judge the popularity of the casino site by taking a look at the ranking of the website.

If you have been thinking about taking risk by trying your luck in online casino sites, then start by reading well about the different kinds of games. This way you will be able to understand which game will be best suited for you. You can also take the advice of people who have been a part of online gambling for a long time. Researching about online gambling, its laws and its ways will give you a clear idea about top casino sites and how to place a wager so that you can win.