Playing Super Casino Online Games

Playing Super Casino Online Games

People who are new to the super casino online games would often like to know how to start playing theses games. Online gambling whether it is blackjack, bingo, poker or roulette are still a part of an industry which has not many years of experience. So while taking the plunge one must be very cautious while selecting the online casino and should resort to the more reputable ones such as the super casino. Internet is overflowing with such sites, but selecting the more authentic ones is definitely crucial if one wants to play genuinely to have fun and earn some extra bucks too. So before playing the game choose the casino site carefully.

A lot of people may also wonder if these online casino games are fixed. Several instances goes to prove that there are few casino sites who deploy unfair means but the vast majority of these online casinos are fair, encouraging the players to play without any fear. Surfing the net will instantly unfold a lot of sites which are offering online casino games but to start with, it might be quite confusing most of the times. So while you go through the online casino game sites you need to take a close look at the websites or visit the super casino direct to save searching time. Likewise the site must appear to be professional and with proper directives and if they are designed in a precise way then there is higher chance of them being good and genuine.

Playing in a super casino online involves believing in ones intuition and taking into account a few things while choosing your online casino. They are

*What is the sign-up bonus offered by the casino
*Rules of the games
*Registration rules and fee if any
*The contact details of the online casino and whether they allow 24×7 access
*The registered license of the casino and whereabouts of the owners
*Software standard of the casino

Any casino game can be initiated by either installing the Java format or by downloading relevant software from the web however the best sites let you play direct in a web browser, this is much quicker than having to install any software. Once the installation process is over you will need to open an online account either through the casino website or through the software in use. Mode of payment is either credit or debit cards or bank transfers, choosing the card method is the quickest as some bank transfers can take a few days.

Play can be started immediately after the money gets deposited in the account or play at the fun games in the meanwhile. In the beginning it is compulsory to check the rules and abide by them in the larger interest of the game. Similarly one must maintain a track record of the events, their bankroll and the bet amount. Players in a super casino online game should always carry a positive mindset and must proceed enjoying every bit of the game.

2bet48, your online guide to playing in top casino sites

2bet48, your online guide to playing in top casino sites

Are you up for some online gambling? You must have come across people who have gained quite a bit from the sport. So, how do you begin? Well, there are websites like 2bet48 to guide you into the realm of e-gambling and keep you in the safe zone as much as possible. They provide you with a complete list of some of the best gambling sites for casino, sports, bingo, poker and much more. They also offer useful information and suggestions on how to go about it. If it is casino that interests you most then you can go through the top casino sites and form an idea about how exactly to start. You need to spend some time researching before you start playing in order to understand the ways of the game.

The first question that pops up in our minds is whether it is safe to play in online casinos. As an answer to that, you can read the reviews of a particular online casino in different websites like 2bet48. You can see if the ranking of the casino website too. If the online casino has been performing well without any doubtful ventures then its ranking will be consistently high in all such top casino sites. You can also search for a casino site separately and try to see if there are any negative reports on that particular site.

A casino site will usually keep away from any kind of fraudulent transaction as every business values its customer and tries to retain them. Of course, online gambling sites are no different. Though there is a fear working at the back of our mind regarding the sites, we can wade that away by being as informed as possible about the game and the casino site we will start playing at. Top casino sites are reliable as they have been in the business for long enough to earn the goodwill among the fraternity and loyalty of their customers. There are also websites like 2bet48 which keep detailed information about such casino sites which you can refer to.

Before you begin gambling online you may want to know if it is legal for you to play in online casinos in your country. Since top casino sites can be accessed by people living anywhere in the world, it is important to first be aware of the laws of the land to avoid getting tangled in any legal complications.

While reading through reviews about top casino sites in a website like 2bet48, you may need clarification certain points. In such a situation, you can take the assistance of customer support staff. They will help you in clearing your doubts. You can choose to play in either downloadable casino games or in instant play versions which do not need to be downloaded. There are different ways of depositing money to begin playing the game, and you can be assured that all of them are safe. You can also find out the added benefits like joining bonus offered for casino games or bingo, sports betting or poker.

From losing millions to billions at a plethora of casino tables, we count down 10 Biggest Gambling Losses Of All Time.

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10 Biggest Gambling Losses Of All Time

Are there any Strategies for Playing 3 Card Poker?

Are there any Strategies for Playing 3 Card Poker?

3-card-poker-gold-multi-handCard game players are never going to go short in regards to the many different types and categories of those types of games they can play online. However, whilst may such players will simply concentrate their playing efforts on well know games such as Baccarat and Blackjack you may be looking for something a tad more exciting and potentially higher paying too.

If that is the case then maybe you should consider playing the many different 3 Card Poker games that all of our featured online casino sites have on offer to their players.

That is a card game on which you can place two different types of bets either together or separately and below we will enlighten you on the best strategies for playing any 3 Card Poker games to allow you o judge for yourself whether it is a card game you will enjoy playing.

As you can of course play that game for free online then why not have a session playing it at no risk as by doing so you can then see in a completely no risk playing environment whether it is going to be a game you will also enjoy playing via the real money version of the game where all losses and winnings will of course be for real!

Pairs-Plus Bet

If you want to try and in some of the much higher valued winning payouts when playing any type of three card poker games online then you need to place the pairs plus bet.

When you do so you will then find that it doesn’t matter what playing cards the dealer has dealt out to his hand as it is only the value and ranking of your hand that determines whether you are going to receive a winning payout or not.

You are able to place the Pairs Plus bet either on its own or alongside the Ante bet of which you will find a description of below.

However, the best playing strategy in regards to the Pairs Plus bet is to never place it, for it does come with a much higher house edge than the Ante Bet below, and as such you are going to have many more winning hands dealt out to you over your long term play when avoiding the Pairs Plus bet and concentrating all of your playing efforts of the Ante Bet only!

Ante Bet

The Ante Bet is one that will see you having to place an initial bet onto the 3 Card Poker games betting layout to receive an initial set of playing cards, the basic aim of this game is that your three card hand will end up being a higher ranked one tan that of the Dealer.

However, the Dealer does need to qualify for you to then receive a set of winning payouts other than just your Ante Bet being matched and returned to you as a winning payout, so always look at the betting payout as by doing so you will find out what the qualifying hand for the Dealer is.

If your do have a higher ranked three card poker hand than that of the Dealer when he Dealers hand does qualify you will then receive a winning payout on the Ante Bet and also on the Call Bet you have to place to carry on playing at the initial stage of the game.

For reference the Ante Bet has a lower house edge than that of the Pairs-Plus Bet mentioned above and is therefore the only bet you should be placing on any 3 Card Poker games betting layout!


There are lots of additional casino poker card games that we feel you may also find of interest, for unlike the most well established card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat you do stand a good chance of winning big when playing casino poker card game online.

In fact, there are quite a number of those types of games that boats a standalone progressive jackpot and as such when placing a bonus yet optional side bet you could win a very high valued progressive jackpot when playing those progressive games online.

There are lots of additional card games playing guides and articles and plenty of related news stories available on our website and with that in mind please do take a good look round as by doing so you may just find a game that out like the look of and may never have played before.

However, do make sure that no matter which card games or in fact any type of casino game you end up playing online you always learn how to play those games optimally to ensure that you are always going to have the maximum winning opportunities and will keep the house edges of those games a slow as is possible too!