Donaco International Signs Marketing Firm To Bring In VIP Players

Donaco International Signs Marketing Firm To Bring In VIP Players

Boutique gaming firm Donaco International Ltd has announced that it has entered into an agreement with a marketing agency to bring in junket operators to its Cambodian property Star Vegas Resort and Club from nearby locations such as Macau, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Star Vegas is located on the border between Cambodia and Thailand, in the city of Poipet and is said to cater primarily to customers from Thailand where gambling is illegal. In a filing made with the Australian Securities Exchange, Donaco stated that Vivo Tower Ltd an international casino marketing agency will work with junkets and help to bring in VIP Players by July 1, 2017.

Under the agreement, the marketing agency will pay $ 1.5 million as minimum fixed fee in 2018 which will go up to $ 3 million in subsequent years. The operator will also receive revenue sharing portions from individual junkets as a part of the deal.

Fusion Live

Vivo Tower is said to have already hired a Malaysian junket operator called Da Kim Global Group for this arrangement. Da Kim handles junket operations for a variety of casino properties across Asia including NagaCorp’s NagaWorld in Phnom Penh, Genting properties in Singapore, Malaysia and Manila, as well as other properties in Macau and Australia.

Donaco has been attempting to raise the profile of its casino with a range of marketing activities. The company recently confirmed that several ex-Man United football players would be visiting Thailand and Star Vegas in order to promote an Asian Poker Tour (APT) Southeast Asia 2017 event which is scheduled to be held at Star Vegas in July 2017.

The players would be the guests of honor at the APT event, appear at a press conference in Bangkok and also play a friendly game against a local Thai football team. Donaco signed an agreement with Manchester United in 2015 for a three-year sponsorship deal under which it would be acting as the club’s exclusive casino resort partner in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and South Korea. Football has a huge following in Thailand and Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in Thailand.

The gaming firm has stated in its recent filing that the Manchester United partnership was an initiative geared to improving the awareness for the Star Vegas property amongst the target audience of middle class Thais and to also help bring in more visitors.

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Why do Players Play American Roulette?

Why do Players Play American Roulette?

multi-wheel-roulette-goldSome online casinos do not give you the choice in regards to which casino games you can play and will tend to offer just one variant of each card and table game. That however could see you being forced to play games that come with very high house edges that will in turn see you losing your money much quicker than if you had played at a casino offering a varied range of different games of the same category.

Take for example the American Roulette game, now if you are an inexperienced or first time Roulette player you may be blissfully unaware of the differences between that variant and other ones, such as the European Roulette game and the French Roulette variant.

If so then you do need to be aware of those differences for American Roulette is one of the worst Roulette games you can play online or in fact in any playing environment which includes both at mobile casinos sites and also at land based casino sets too!

The reason that Roulette game is one that you should never play is that there is a single zero on the wheel and also a double zero on the wheel which means on every spin you play off the house edge of that game works out at 5.26% which may not seem that bad until you compare it to what the other variants of Roulette have to offer you via their house edges!

French Roulette 1.35% House Edge

The French Roulette game is available at quite a number of online and mobile casino sites and if you do enjoy placing very low risk best and wagers onto the betting layout then that is the only Roulette game you should be playing.

It is the even money paying bets and wagers that have the lowest house edges attached to them when playing French Roulette and for reference those best are the high and low number bets, the odd and even number bets and also the red and black betting opportunities.

When you place any number of chips on any four of those even money paying betting propositions and the one single zero on the wheel is the number spun in then you do not lose those bets, instead the game will either give you have of those stakes back or all of those bets you placed on the even money paying betting positions will remain in place for the next spin or until a zero has not been spun in.

Those two simple playing rules one of which will always be found on French Roulette games means the house edge on that variant of Roulette is a tiny 1.35%, but only on the even money paying betting options!

European Roulette Offers a 2.70% House Edge

There is another much better Roulette game variant you can play other then the American Roulette game and that is the European Roulette game, much like the French Roulette game mentioned above there is just one single zero on that Roulette games wheel and betting layout.

All of the betting opportunities on offer on the European Roulette game will return a house edge of a very respectable 2.70% and as such that is way lower than the house edge on the American Roulette game and as such you should never play the American variant as that high house edge is going to decimate your bankroll over time and offer no real value what so ever!

If you see a casino offering you bonus just make use the bonus funds can be used on the Roulette games if those are the game you only want to play, for many online casinos site will be offering lots of different types of bonuses but only a handful of those casino sites will allow their players to use the bonus fund son games such as Roulette!


As you have just found on the house edges on each of the three above named Roulette games does vary in value, and as a player you should always avoid any Roulette games that have a much higher house edge for the types of bets that you place the most on any Roulette tables betting layout.

There are also lots of additional Roulette game variants that you are going to come across online on which there will be a range of optional or forced side bets that you can choose to place or are forced to play on each spin of the wheel you play off.

Any Roulette game offering any type of bonus side bet wager will be offering is those side bets a much higher house edge than on the base game and as such the best advise we can give you is to avoid placing those bets and wagers or your bankroll may get eaten up very quickly!