32Red Casino Offers You a Share of £20,000 in Cash

32Red Casino Offers You a Share of £20,000 in Cash

It’s a real battlefield down at 32Red Casino! The Kings of Cash promotion has started on 8th September, and armies of gamers across the globe are gathering to join the battle in which 250 brave players will be rewarded for their fighting skills and win a share of £20,000 in cash!

No need to worry, they aren’t really fighting, because contestants are only required to play their favourite games, any game on the list is accepted, no wagering requirements, no minimum deposit requirements. By playing any of the game on the offer, players receive loyalty points, and those points help them get higher on the leaderboard. The luckiest fighters, 250 of them to be exact, will pocket a share of £20,000, while the best of the best will go home with £2,500 in cash!

If you ever wanted to test your gaming skills, now is the time, but do hurry up, since the promotion will be over on 20th September. That is when the true King of Cash will be crowned.

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Rich Casino offers €15,000 to 15 Players Every Day

Rich Casino offers €15,000 to 15 Players Every Day

If you are looking for a proper tournament where you will battle with other contestants for amazing cash prizes on daily basis, than you should definitely visit the Rich Casino, because every day is a good day for a battle in this casino powered by Topgame software.

Every single day players will have the opportunity to battle for their share of €15,000. This contest is no “walk in the park” as they say, so be prepared for some serious combat with worthy opponents. To enter the competition, you will have to make a minimum deposit of €75. After that, the casino will send you your entry ticket number you need to keep until the end of the tournament.

From there on, your progress will be carefully tracked, and every euro you wager will count as a point, so the more you wager, the bigger the chances you will top the ladder and win a bigger share of the €15,000 prize!

The best thing is that the €15,000 prize is the minimum possible. If there are more players in the tournament, the prize will grow and will be split among 15 lucky contestants that wager the most on that day.

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Online Casino Edition Offers The Latest News About The Best Online Casino Games

Online Casino Edition Offers The Latest News About The Best Online Casino Games

Online Casino Edition is one of the most comprehensive and reliable websites where you can find the most recommended casinos on internet with latest offers and excellent promotions. It is the best online casino guide that features trustworthy, regulated, safe and licensed casinos. Not only this, the website also offers you latest information, articles and news about the best online casino games. If you’re looking for complete information about internet gambling casinos, it is the right portal that offers you everything related to casino games.

Managed by an administrator and a group of collaborators who have passion for online gaming, its objective is to offer fresh and most recent news about live online casinos, welcome bonuses and jackpots to their customers on a regular basis. Online Casino Edition keeps on providing the latest news and updated information on latest offers and promotions in the form of articles and blogs. Add this website to your favorites for receiving updated and hot news about online casino world.

What Does Online Casino Edition Offer?

Online Casino Edition is the best online casino guide where you can find various casino games, news, information and articles. The website features trustworthy and safe online casinos from USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany and Japan. It provides visitors with complete information about virtual online casinos, bonus, rank and games offered. Also check out the reviews if you want to know more about the casino.

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Casino Information

Online Casino Edition is the most trusted source of information and news about internet casinos. It keeps on updating the information and posting the new information about online casinos from time to time. If you’re passionate about casino games, this is one-stop shop for all your needs.

The website offers you full-fledged information about the best online casino game from around the world. If you have any suggestions, questions or requirements, feel free to contact them. You can send them a mail mentioning your message.