Why Do Some Casinos Not Offer Multi-Currency Options?

Why Do Some Casinos Not Offer Multi-Currency Options?

When you do fancy playing at an online casino you will of course need to find one that will offer you the type of banking option you prefer using, but also one that will allow you to register your account and give you the option of using your own home currency as the one in use on your account.

Sadly, not all casino sites are going to allow you to do that! For there are still casino sites online that force you to use their chosen currency setting, which means for example if you live in Europe or the UK, Canada or Australia you may be forced to have to deposit, play and withdraw your winnings in US Dollars.

That means that every single time you make a deposit into a casino or a make withdrawal from your casino account you will then also be paying currency exchange rate fees that can and do quickly add up.

In this day and age there should be no reason why you are required to sign up to a casino that only offers one currency option, but for reasons unknown that is all that some casino sites will be offering you. As such stick to playing at those casinos that will allow you to sign up and then select your home currency to save you a small fortune on those pesky exchange rate fees!

Progressive Jackpot Currency Settings

When you choose to play progressive jackpot awarding slots and other casino games that award one or more progressive jackpots at a Microgaming powered casino site, you will find that the jackpots are displayed on the jackpot meter in the currency setting you have set your casino account at.

However, the base currency in use on those games are GBP, and as such what will happen if a player wins that jackpot in any other currency the jackpot will reset to its standard seed value.

But the difference between the currency that player won the jackpot in and GBP is then added back into the jackpot pool as soon as it has been won in another currency.

That is often he reason why you may see the jackpot suddenly drop in value on some progressive games at a Microgaming powered site, but do not seem to drop down to their standard reset seed values!

Can I Play in Another Currency?

If you do enjoy playing casino games online but you find that the minimum stake level for certain games are set slightly higher than you can easily afford then it may be worth your while seeing if you are going to be allowed to sign up and use a different currency that your own.

I am aware that many UK based players for example do not want to set their casino accounts to use GBP for by them choosing another currency they will then be using lower valued chips and coins when playing different games.

For example if a UK player sets their casino account to use for example US Dollars instead of GBP, then each time they make for example a £100 deposit but have their account set at US Dollars they get $ 130 in credits based on the currency Forex rate.

That difference in the currency exchange rate means that the value of their playing chips and coins will be lower when using USD and as such they will be able to play certain games for a slightly lower amount that the game permits when using GBP.

Just make sure that if that is something you want to do you are given permission to do so by the casino, as some casino sites that do offer multi-currency options will only allow players to sign up in the currency used in their country of residence!


So the next time you do fancy sign up to any online casino sites do make sure that the ones you pick will allow you to sign up and set your casino account currency to the one you wish to use.

If you are forced to deposit in any other currency then it can really be an expensive thing to continually have to do over the long term, and those fees and charges for turning your currency into another one will add up very quickly indeed!

If you do want to try and get additional playing value when playing at any online casino sites then one of the best ways you can do just that is to carefully pick but just which casino bonuses to claim.

The best valued ones are always going to be the deposit match bonuses for if you select a high valued deposit match bonus the casino site will then add a much larger number of bonus credits to your account that if you just use a small valued one!


Which Casinos Offer the Highest Baccarat Tied Hand Payout?

Which Casinos Offer the Highest Baccarat Tied Hand Payout?

high-limit-baccaratThere are three available betting opportunities available you if you decide to play Baccarat games, you can place a bet on the Bankers Hand to be the winning one on any game you play or you can place a bet on the Players Hand to be the winning hand, and the third betting opportunity is the Tied Hand bet.

The one thing to note about playing Baccarat is that the Players Hand and Bankers Hand Bet have the same winning payouts attached and associated with them no matter where you choose to play those game online, however the Tied Hand Bet can and will have a different set of payout associated with it depending on where you play them.

If you are the type of player who wants to place the Tied Hand bet then you should stick to playing at casinos that offer the highest payout odds, and with that in mind we would suggest you sign up and play Baccarat at casinos using the NetEnt, Playtech of Microgaming software gaming platforms and their range of casino games, as the payout odds for the Tied Hand at those casino sites is 9 for 1 or 8 to 1 as they are often displayed!

What Baccarat Hands Require a Commission?

If you are not that well versed at playing Baccarat then it is a very simple to play casino card game that is one that require no skill what so ever, and as such every single player will soon be able to learn how to play it and will never make any strategic playing errors!

There are a couple of things worth knowing however in regards to playing Baccarat and the first thing is that even though the payouts for the Tied Hand bet may be very high in value if the game does end in a tie, the house edges on those types of bets are huge and as such you should never place them!

Instead you will be much better off placing either the players Hand to Bankers Hand bets, as those have a much lower house edge associated with them. One thing to note is that if you do place a bet on the Bankers Hand and that hand wins then you are required to pay a 5% house commission on your winnings, a winning Players Hand bet has no commission to be paid by the way!

Baccarat Payout Odds

As you have just found out the best winning payouts for a Tied Hand when playing Baccarat is 8 to 1, however as that bet has such a huge house edge attached to it you should never be tempted to place it for if you do so that huge house edge will eat away at our bankroll very quickly!

If you place a Bankers Hand bet and that hand wins then you are paid out at winning odds of even money. However, you will have that 5% house commission removed from your winnings before they are aid out to you and added to your casino account balance.

The third bet you can place is the Players Hand bet and the winning payout odds for that bet are also even money and unlike the Bankers Hand bet you are not required to pay a house commission on winning Players Hand bets so you will be paid out in full.

The stake levels you can play Baccarat online for can vary from casino site to casino site with the usual minimum table stake limit at most casino sites being a quite modest 1.00 the maximum bet can however vary from casino to casino.


There are three main categories of casino games that are famed for having the very lowest house edges when played optimally and those casino games are Video Poker games, Blackjack games and Baccarat, and as such if you do like what you have just read then you will certainly have plenty of winning opportunities if you do start playing Baccarat online.

However, forget about placing the Tied Hand bet as that is the only betting opportunity that has a massive house edge attached and associated with it on Baccarat games.

You will also find that when playing Baccarat online for real money at our listed and approved online casino sites you will be earning comp points based on your level of play and when you save up enough comp points you can then exchange them for additional playing credits.

So you will certainly find that you do get a lot of additional playing value hen playing real money Baccarat games at any of our featured casino sites, for due to the very low house edge of the Players and Bankers Hand bets you can often accumulate a huge number of bonus credits thanks to those comp points!



Which Casinos Offer Low Blackjack Table Stake Limits?

Which Casinos Offer Low Blackjack Table Stake Limits?

atlantic-city-blackjack-multi-handOne of the benefits of playing Blackjack games online is that you will find the table stake limits much more appealing if you like to play for lower stakes! In fact, with there being dozens of different variants available to you then we can guarantee you will not only find a variant with a suitable stake limit to suit your bankroll but you will also find several with low house edges too!

With that in mind we have taken a good look through all of the available Blackjack games that are available to you at all of our featured and top rated casino sites and have put together the following guide to the Blackjack games that offer a low stake limit but also offer a low house edge too.

As such if you want to play Blackjack for as little as just 1.00 per hand then you really should be tracking down and playing the following Blackjack games. But also keep in mind you will have to learn how to play each game perfectly and optimally if you want to keep each variants respective house edge as low as is possible!

You can even play the following games for free if you simply want to get used to playing them by singing up to our showcased casino sites and then logging in as a guest player where an unlimited supply of demo mode credits will then be available to you!

Blackjack Switch

It can often be some Blackjack games that you have never come across before that are not only going to offer you a staking option that is suitable to your bankroll, but when playing those unique variants perfectly they can also return a very low house edge.

One such game is the Blackjack Switch game which you will find available and on offer in Playtech powered online casino sites. Whilst the stake levels on offer can be set as low as just 1.00 in your chosen casino account currency you are forced to have to play two hands per game played off.

However, there are two main advantages of playing this fairly low stake Blackjack game, the first being is that you are permitted to swap one card from each hand to the other hand you are playing, and when you play this game perfectly the house edge is a tiny 0.16% too!

Classic Blackjack

If you are looking for another Blackjack game variant that has some very low staking options and a very low house edge when you play it optimally and strategically then head on over to one of our featured Microgaming powered casinos site and get stuck into playing their Classic Blackjack game online.

That game is one on which you can play each hand for a minimum stake of just 1.00 however when you do play each hand off perfectly the house edge is very, very low working out at just 0.13%!

However, that game is the single hand variant and not the multi-hand variant, for due to there being more decks in the multi-hand version of that game the house edge on the multi-hand game is way higher, so make sure it is the single hand variant you play to take advantage of that very low house edge.

You will also be earning comp points when playing the single hand Classic Blackjack game for real money at Microgaming powered online casino sites so you can earn lots of additional chips when you have a fairly long session, so keep that in mind too when you fancy playing low house and low stake Blackjack games online!


There are also plenty of other low stake Blackjack games you can play online and as such no matter at which casino site you choose to play at you will always have plenty of different variants to get stuck into playing!

However, one word of caution and that is when you do find a casino site offering you bonuses that can be utilized on their Blackjack games due to the very low house edge nature of Blackjack games in general the play through requirements are going to be way higher on those games when you are playing off your bonus credits on them when compared to most other casino game play through requirements.

Also if you do decide to play some of the live Blackjack games that most of our featured online casino sites have on offer you may find that you are going to have to play them for much higher stake amounts, as those games do tend to come with some much higher minimum table stake amounts when compared to the software driven Blackjack games, so only play live Blackjack games if you can comfortably afford to do so!