Figuring out the most beneficial Online blackjack Models to use

Figuring out the most beneficial Online blackjack Models to use

Not all variants of Blackjack are going to be available at each casino site you sign up to and play at, however what you should always be doing is ensuring you are playing the lowest house edge Blackjack game that is on offer at the casino sites you are a member off.

That is where the following guide will come in useful; for below we are going to be letting you know which Blackjack games are the ones which do offer the lowest house edge at various different casino sites using different gaming and software platforms.

Keep in mind though that it will be down to the way you play off each hand that is going to determine whether the house edge you are playing against is the lowest one on offer on any game.

That will therefore call for you to always play each Blackjack game variant optimally and with the very best strategy in play, when you do so you will never then make an costly playing errors which is how the house edge will be increased over and above the one any Blackjack game has been set to pay!

Microgaming Low House Edge Blackjack Game

We would always suggest that if you can do so, based on where it is you live in the world, you make your way over to a casino site that uses the Microgaming gaming platforms and their range of games, for by doing so you will then come across the lowest house edge variant available online.

That game is the single hand Classic Blackjack game and it is a game that is going to be offering you a house edge when you play it perfectly and with no playing errors of a very, very low 0.13%.

You are going to be extremely hard-pressed to find another Blackjack game variant online that does come with such a low house edge, but make sure it is the single had variant of Classic Blackjack you play and not the multi-hand variant, for there are now decks of cards in the multi-hand version of that game which means the house edge is much higher.

For reference you are going to be able to play Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack game for a stake level as low as just 1.00 in whatever currency you have set your casino account too, so it is not going to be an expensive game to play online!

Low House Edge Playtech Blackjack Game

There are of course lots of different casino games and online casino software providers and suppliers and as such you will always find lots of different Blackjack and other games available no matter which casinos site you decide to sign up to and play at.

However, if you fancy playing at a casino site that is offering you the range of Playtech designed and supplied games then one of the very best Blackjack games you can play at those casino sites is their Blackjack Switch game.

What that game is going to be offering you is a playing structure that calls for you to have to play two base game hands per game, each of which does require its own stake to be placed upon it.

However, once you have then been dealt out your two initial cards to each of those two separate hands you will be allowed to swap one card from each hand to the other hand! The playing rules and payouts on offer on Blackjack Switch result in it having a house edge of 0.16%!


You will have the ability of playing Blackjack games at all online casino sites initially for free and without the need for you to make a deposit, and by utilizing those demo mode Blackjack game you are going to get a good feel for the way that each game has been designed and how they pay too.

Keep in mind though that due to the very low house edges that most Blackjack games have been designed with it is quite rare for a casino to allow their players to use any type of bonuses on their Blackjack game variants.

Those casinos that may permit you to do so will often make you achieve some much higher play through requirements that when for example you use your bonus credits on Blackjack games compared to slot games.

So always spread through the terms and the bonus rules in regards to any bonus you have claimed or may be about to claim and get added to your casino account if you do fancy playing Blackjack games with those bonus credits for no all casino sites are going to allow you to do so. You will however find comp points can be earned when playing real money Blackjack games at any casino sites!

Most significant Victory Creates Wilton Rancheria’s Metropolitan Gambling Undertaking Forward

Most significant Victory Creates Wilton Rancheria’s Metropolitan Gambling Undertaking Forward

California-based Native America tribe Wilton Rancheria scored a major victory after a federal agency dismissed an appeal lodged by opponents questioning the approval given to the tribe to construct a gaming facility in Elk Grove.

According to a news report, Michael Black, Acting Director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, dismissed an appeal made by an anti-casino group called ‘Stand Up For California!’ that asked for a reversal of a January 19 decision that agreed to place 36 acres of land area in federal trust enabling the tribe to construct a casino there.

The Wilton Rancheria had purchased the land via its gaming partner Boyd Gaming Corporation from The Howard Hughes Corporation for $ 36 million in Feb 2015.

CBS Sacramento

In a statement Raymond Hitchcock, Chairman for the Wilton Rancheria, said

This was just another small hurdle on our path towards self-sufficiency. This decision solidly confirms that the placing of the land into federal trust was valid and that we have every right to continue forward with our economic development plans. This was another attempt to cloud our land-into-trust process by Stand Up For California! and card rooms. So, I’m ecstatic.

The tribe is looking to construct a large hotel along with a casino having 2,000 slots and 84 gaming tables. Some of the other planned amenities include a spa, a fitness center as well as a 30,000 sq ft of space for events. Since the land in question is not on tribal territory it needs to be placed into federal trust for the project to progress.

In its appeal, ‘Stand Up For California!‘ had argued that Lawrence Roberts, the former Acting Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Indian Affairs had given approval to Wilton Rancheria’s application to convert land into federal trust on the last day of Barack Obama’s presidency term, which was above his authority.

Cheryl Schmit from ‘Stand Up For California!‘ has vowed to carry on the fight. Schmit told a local newspaper that the arguments made against the project would be moved to a federal court. She said that the Bureau of Indian Affairs had no right to approve a land request for building a casino within a residential locality.

The anti-casino group also wants the city to hold a referendum before giving the go-ahead to start construction. Robert Magnuson, a spokesperson for the Wilton Rancheria alleged that Schmit was representing other gaming interests. In addition to this victory, a recent announcement by Gov. Jerry Brown has confirmed that a gambling compact has been negotiated with Wilton Rancheria, which was also a positive sign for the tribe.

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What Slot Game Series Are Played the Most Online?

What Slot Game Series Are Played the Most Online?

sneak-a-peek-doctor-doctor-slotPlaying slot games online that are part of a series of slots is something that many players like to do, as they will often enjoy the similar themes but will also enjoy the playing structures and much more so the bonus features and the bonus games that can be triggered.

If you are seeking out some slots which are part of a series of slots then it will be beneficial for you to sign up to and play at our featured casino sites, for there are going to be many such slots on offer.

Below you will find two of the most popular gaming platforms available online that a huge number of casino sites use to power their respective casinos and as such please do read on for you are bound to find some or even all of the following slots highly playable.

Keeping mind to that you are going to be able to sample playing any of the slots listed below that are part of a series of slots for free and at no risk if you want to see how they play and pay to help you determine just which ones you may enjoy playing when you switch over to the real money playing environments!

Most Popular NetEnt Designed Slot Game Series

NetEnt software is very easy to use as their gaming platform is an instant play one which requires no downloading of software, each game they offer, and they do offer hundreds of different games most of which are high paying slots will load and launch into any type of web browser.

Their Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams series of slots are the ones you need to track down and play if you want the chance of becoming an instant millionaire, as both of those slots have progressive jackpots attached to them that do grow in value to some mind boggling amounts of cash!

However, if you are simply looking for lots of entertainment and plenty of winning opportunities and you like playing bonus game awarding slots online then make a beeline to play their South Park series of slots, they have two different slots in that series and what you are guaranteed to find when playing ether or even both of them is that those bonus games trigger very often!

Microgaming’s Most Popular Series of Slots

If you make what we feel is one of the best decisions you can ever make when selecting a casino site at which play at and opt for a Microgaming powered casino site then you are going to find a huge range of slot machines to play at those sites many of which are part of a series of slots.

The Sneaky Peek range of slots is a three part slot game series and when playing any of the slots in that series you will find they all offer two different bonus games.

One of which is a set of free spins on which additional free spins and growing multipliers can come into play, and the other bonus games all three of those slots share is a pick and match type of bonus game that will entail you stripping off an Alien, Nurse or Doctor in the hope you bag one of its higher valued winning payouts!

Microgaming’s Untamed Series of slot is also another highly playable series of slot machines on which free spins can be triggered, however all of the slots which make up that series of games come with a very unique type of gamble game option on which you have control over the level of risk and the payout you can achieve when out choose to make use of the optional gamble game!


One thing that you will need to be away of however when playing any types of slot machines online is that they can and will offer a different long term expected payout percentage.

Even slot games that are part of a series can have different payout percentages attached and on offer on them and you will be best advised to make a beeline to play those which come with the highest published payout percentage.

By doing so over your long term play you are then going to find you will get more of your stake money retuned to you as winning payouts, and will get much more play time from those higher paying slots than you ever would playing slots with lower payout percentages.

To discover just which slots do boast the highest possible paybacks please have a good look through all four slot game guides and articles as we do reveal in many of them that all important RTP information that will allow you to very easily track down the very best paying online slots to play!