Singapore Imposes Tougher Regulations For Slot Machines In Social Clubs

Singapore Imposes Tougher Regulations For Slot Machines In Social Clubs

Singapore is clamping down on usage of slot machines in the city’s social clubs. The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that a new set of regulations is being rolled out that will test the clubs’ expanse of non-gaming amenities in a bid to check gaming activity levels.

All clubs that fail to clear the test will be required shut down slot machine operations by April 30, 2018 according to a statement from the ministry. Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam has been quoted in a local newspaper as saying that the new rules were a measure to ensure that the clubs retain focus on social activities.

In a statement the Ministry said,

Over time, a number of clubs have relied on fruit machines as a major activity. This is not in line with the intention of allowing clubs to operate fruit machines only as an ancillary part of a broader suite of social and recreational offerings to club members. Many clubs will see a reduction in the number of fruit machines they can operate. The reduction in the number of fruit machines will be phased-in over the next two years.

The news report quoting data from the ministry stated that there were currently nearly 82 jackpot venues operational in Singapore and a total of nearly 1,900 active jackpot machines. Under the new rules the total number of active machines could be slashed by a third according to the ministry.

The new regime proposes stricter criteria for operating slot machines, a cut down in the number of machines run by some clubs and from November 2017 tighter regulations on those who will be eligible to play the slot machines. Currently, clubs can operate slot machines if at least two other recreational facilities are also present.

From November 2017, access to slot machine areas will be provided within clubs only to those who hold membership credentials for at least a year and are 21 years and above.

Currently players who are over the age of 18 can play the slot machines. Club members will also henceforth be restricted from bringing guests into slot machine areas. The operating hours of such zones has been limited from 10 am to 11 pm. Violations of the law will result in penalties under the Private Lotteries Act including fines of up to SGD20,000 and a jail term of up to one year. The ministry is also announcing a range of new problem gambling measures such as imposing new restrictions on advertising.

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Is It Possible to Predict the Outcome of Slot Machines?

Is It Possible to Predict the Outcome of Slot Machines?

There was a recent news story in which it was reported that many land based casinos had been hit by a team of slot cheats that had been able to predict the outcome of the random number generator attached to some older styled video slots.

How those slot machines cheats were able to predict the outcome is quite long and drawn out, however they had got hold of an old slot machine and had run a computer programme whilst playing it and had then been able with some pinpoint accuracy to predict when to press the start button on that slot to get a winning spin.

When the team members then went into a land based casino they will live video stream themselves playing a slot which was sent in real time back to another team member who would then run that players slot play through a computer which then would send out a text message to another mobile phone they had in their pocket.

Once the other team member felt that phone vibrate letting them know a text massage had arrived they would then click onto the spin button at just the right time that the random number generator would select a winning number to determine a winning spin!

Online Slot Machine Random Number Generators

When you play online slot games there is on central random number generator, and when you click onto the spin button to send the slot reels spinning it is at that moment in time a random number will be generated, and that number will then be used to determine if the next spin will be a winning or losing spin.

That system has been found to be fool proof and highly secure, and as the random number generator is in a highly secure area with no one having access to it then you can rest assured that you are going to be playing fair and random slot machines when playing at any of our featured casino sites.

Many licensed and regulated casinos are also required to have their random number generators audited once a year at least, and when they are a report is produced which certifies that they are producing completely random and unpredictable numbers which in turn guarantees the slots you are playing linked up to that random number generator are fair and true.

You will have both winning and losing session when playing slot game online but above all else each spun will be random.

Certified Fair and Random Slot Games

To make selecting a casino site at which to play at as easy as is possible, every single casino site you will find listed throughout this website and fully reviewed too are all fully licensed and regulated in at least one jurisdiction.

That means you are always going to have a very wide and varied selection of different casino sites to play at, and another we do look out for are casino sites that offer some of the largest selections of slot machines.

As such you are going to find three reel and classic slots on offer at those casino sites, along with plenty of video slot games fruit machines and progressive jackpot paying slot games too.

You have full control over the stake levels you can play any of the slot games at our featured casino sites, and you will also find that is if you play them via the free play options the free play demo mode slots have the exact same payout percentages as the real money versions of each of those games too, so you can play them for free and get a true feel for how they will all play and pay when you switch over to playing them for real money!


One little tip we can pass on you if you are looking for slot games to play online, is to look up the long term expected payout percentages that each slot machine has been set to return to players over the long term.

There will be lots of different payout percentages, however what you should ideally be looking for are the slot games that have a payout percentage of at least 96% as those slots will, over you long term play give you more winning spins and more of your stake money back as winning payouts.

Please have a good look through as many of our additional slot and casino game guides, for by doing so we will be pointing you in the right direction of the very best slot game you can play online, and we will also be introducing you to lots of different slot games that you may never have seen or played before, and every single one of them are completely fair and random, so you can win at any moment when playing any of them!

Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slot Machines and Blackjack to Become More Popular in Japan

Slots and Blackjack on the rise in Japan

Japanese gamers begin to appreciate slot machines and blackjack more than other similar games.

One of the world’s leading consulting firms when it comes to the casino gaming, hospitality and airline industries, Global Market Advisors (GMA) claims the future gaming floors of Japan will be much different than they are now.

GMA believes slot machines will have a much bigger share, also adding that blackjack will become the player’s favourite, while baccarat will drop in popularity.

GMA thoroughly analyzed the situation, stating that the biggest misconception is to assume that Japanese players have the same taste as those in Macau, China’s Special Administrative Region.

A Different Gaming Culture

Unlike the Chinese, which have a table game culture, Japanese gambling culture is centered around machines. While Baccarat and Sic Bo are very popular among the Chinese, the players in Japan enjoy Oicho-Kabu and Pachinko.

The authors of the report believe that  50% of Japanese gaming floors will be allocated to table games, with 45% to slot machines, while only 5% will go to table games, at least at first. In the future, it is expected that those ratios will change in favour of slot machines, at the expense of table games.

GMA claims table games won’t lose popularity in years to come, but the firm predicts the rise of slot machines, especially in Japan, where electronic gaming is very popular and where manufacturers already understand the desires of players and the mechanisms of the market. It is expected that Japanese slot manufacturers, including Aruze, Konami and Sega Sammy will focus their attention to the development of those slots that will suit the needs of the adult population.

New Trends

GMA added that this rise in slot machines popularity would be more noticeable in Japan then on other Asian markets.

When it comes to table games, it is expected that blackjack will become more popular. This rise in popularity will come at the expense of baccarat tables, which won’t dominate Japanese gaming floors, at least not as they do in Macau.

Operators will have to adjust their offer to match the needs of the market, so it is quite possible to see new gaming solutions.

Japan May Have More Focus on Skill-Based Gaming Machines

Japan May Have More Focus on Skill-Based Gaming Machines

Gaming industry experts are expecting skill-oriented electronic gaming machines to be popular in Japan’s soon to regulated casino market. These games usually involve a percentage being returned to the player on basis of performance in skill elements.

A panel of casino equipment suppliers backed this opinion during the second day of the Japan Gaming Congress. Many of the experts pointed to the fact that the Japanese consumers were already comfortable with games that contained elements of skills referring to the popular games pachinko and pachislot. Such games have been categorized as leisure games by Japanese authorities rather than gambling.

Thomas Jingoli, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of gaming equipment supplier Konami Gaming Inc. pointed out that the game of pachinko had several elements of skills and stated that he was fairly certain that the games introduced in the Japanese market will have similar elements that require a certain degree of skills.

Games involving a return to player (RTP) for player skill aren’t new but only recently has there been an interest in them. The millennial customer group is said to be the main target for such games as they have not been very attracted to traditional slot machines. Gaming markets have been experimenting with offerings that are different from regular slot machines in order to boost engagement levels among the younger generation. The state of Nevada recently cleared a bill that allows slot machines to add in skill-based elements.

In New Jersey, GameCo Inc, a maker of skill-oriented video game gaming machines has said that it has received approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to install its range of products at properties owned by Caesars Entertainment group in Atlantic City.

In a statement, Takashi Maekawa, vice president for business development at Sega Sammy Creation Inc said

It could be perfect timing for skill-based games to be introduced in Japan since all the other mature markets like Nevada have started to introduce those games. Maybe by the time [a] casino is opened in Japan, we will probably be in the second or third phase of developing skill-based games, giving us time to learn what kind of skill-based games works in the market.

Investment firm Morgan Stanley states that casino openings in Japan are likely to happen only after the year 2021. It is highly likely that the games offered in 2021 will have a completely different feel to them than traditional casino games.

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How Do Fruit Machines Achieve their Pre-Set RTP’s?

How Do Fruit Machines Achieve their Pre-Set RTP’s?

pub-fruityThe way in which Fruit Machines work and operate is completely different to the way that more standard casino slots play and pay, and as such it is worth knowing those differences as by doing so you will then discover how they achieve their preset payout percentages.

When you come across any Fruit Machine online or in fact in any playing environment, it will have been designed to payout to players a certain percentage of their stakes over a set cycle as winning payouts, via either spun in winning payouts or via payouts achieved when any type of bonus games or bonus features have been awarded.

Take for example a Fruit Machine offering a 96% RTP for every 100.00 played off on those machines during any one cycle that machine will pay back 96.00. However, it is the length of each cycle that will determine the payouts achieved during any one single session, and as such the payout percentage a player will achieve at any one time when playing such a game will of course vary in value.

However, as soon as a Fruit Machine is nearing the end of one complete playing cycle, which could be thousands of individual spins, the game will do everything it needs to do to achieve its preset payout percentage!

Forcing a Fruit Machine to Payout

What many experienced Fruit Machine players will do when they fancy playing any number of Fruit Machines is to sit back and watch other players playing those games and make a mental note of just which ones are not paying out.

If another player does have a long losing session on any Fruit Machine then that may be an indication that the game is shortly about to payout, in fact there are ways that a player could be able to force such a game to payout some high valued winning payouts or its jackpot payout.

Due to the way that the First Machines all work and operate it is possible to play them in such a way that they will eventually award their jackpots or lot of high valued winning payouts, and a player will do that by playing a Fruit Machine that hasn’t paid out recently in such a way they play it to lose, by gambling every winning payout spun in via a gamble game or by playing off each bonus and base game so that they have little chance of winning anything as they do so!

Playing a Fruit Machine to Lower It’s RTP

By playing a Fruit Machine to lose what a player will be doing is holding un-matching reel symbols so that they cannot possibly spin in a winning combination and also nudging in un-matching reel symbols when a nudge feature has been awarded.

Also if they are awarded any additional bonus games and bonus features they will play them off with the sole intention of not winning anything!

What that will then do if the machine has not paid out anything of value to a previous player or players is reduce the payout percentage so low in value that the Fruit Machine will, if it is nearer the end of one playing cycle, do whatever it needs to do to get its payout percentage back up to its preset legal value.

It will do that by spinning in very high valued base game winning payouts or could award several jackpot payouts on the trot. By doing so via a series of high valued payouts that Fruit Machine will restore its payout percentage to what it is expected to payout during a full cycle and the player playing that game when it does so will be in profit from that session!


As you have just found out Fruit Machines whilst games of chance are not as random as many other types of online or mobile or even land based casino slot machines, for when they near the end of one playing cycle that could be thousands or even millions of spins the Fruit Machine will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve its preset payout percentage.

You will find there are quite a lot of online casinos available to you that will offer quite a large and diverse range of Fruit Machine and as such if you do fancy playing them you will find plenty of casino sites that offer these types of gaming machines.

Keep in mind also that you do tend to get plenty of entertainment value out of playing Fruit Machines due to the way they award lots of different bonus game and bonus features, in fact there are often dozens of different bonus games and bonus features attached to each Fruit Machine as opposed to one or two of them available to standard online and mobile video slot games!