Spain Increasing Its Betting Markets

Spain Increasing Its Betting Markets

Latest developments in Spain's gaming market

Spain invite gaming operators to apply for new licenses.

Spanish regulators have decided to open up a new tender window for new online licensees, which will effectively expand the country’s current gambling market.

National gambling authority, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), said in a statement that accepting new applicants interested in entering the Spanish market would soon commence.

The tender hasn’t been officially published yet, but according to available information, it will open a one year period for interested parties to submit their applications. This window will give more time to operators, since the previous tender, published in October 2015, gave them only a month to prepare and file their applications.

According to the DGOJ, all operators will be informed on the status of their application within six months of their filing.

Third Time the Charm

This will be the third time the DGOJ is inviting operators to enter the Spanish online gambling market. The first tender was opened back in 2012, while the previous one, published almost two years ago, ended with 10 new operators receiving their licenses.

The DGOJ stated the latest move represented an answer to recent expressions of interest from several international operators. How many of them will apply for the Spanish license is still not known at the moment, and neither is their identity.

The Spanish online gambling market is slowly but surely establishing its position among its European counterparts. The market itself had a rough start with sports betting and poker. However, the addition of online casino vertical to the country’s regulated gambling offer resulted in the increase in revenue. The most recent quarterly report revealed Spain had grossed €248 million – 3% more money than in the corresponding period of 2016.

Spain’s market has been making excellent results lately. During the second quarter of this year, online casino has further strengthened its positions, while a slight decline in sports betting gross gaming revenue was attributed to the end of the football season in national and continental competitions.

Overall, the online casino and betting industry is showing a stable evolution and a solid growth rate.

Philippines to actually Initiate Privatization Of Pagcor Betting houses in 2018

Philippines to actually Initiate Privatization Of Pagcor Betting houses in 2018

Carlos G. Dominguez III, the Philippine Finance Secretary has indicated that the government is likely to begin the disposal of 17 casinos being currently operated by the country’s gaming regulator. The sale of these casinos is expected to commence during mid-2018.

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (Pagcor), the gaming regulator has a relatively large portfolio of nearly 50 gaming properties. Pagcor also operates its own casinos under the Casino Filipino brand which is spread across 13 locations in the country and also runs around 35 smaller satellite facilities.

The Philippine Department of Finance decided last year to privatize Pagcor owned casinos stating that the regulatory body should focus on its supervisory responsibilities. Private operators had also raised concerns of a potential conflict of interest arising from the dual role played by Pagcor.

The government has made the decision to sell all Pagcor owned casinos. Dominguez said that the process will take a considerable amount of time and stated that when it came down to the selling process, the properties that are fully owned by the regulator would be the first ones to go on the block.

In a statement, Dominguez said

Those casinos being operated directly by Pagcor should be privatised first. It’s not going to happen overnight and the deals are quite complex so we have to piece it out and see what is the best deal for the government

A detailed analysis will be carried out by the government and will include studying how much Pagcor casinos earn based on the total revenue that comes from winnings versus the revenues from licensing fees. Dominguez stated that the first focus will be on the valuation of the properties. He noted that the assessments would be done separately since each casino was different. He expects the process to conclude by the end of 2017.

Pagcor is one of the top earning state-owned companies. It recorded gross gaming revenues of $ 275 million in 2016, with nearly 50 percent of it being shared with the Treasury. However it is failing to keep up with the private casinos operating in the country. Latest results show that the three operational integrated casino resorts in Entertainment City – Solaire Resort and Casino, City of Dreams Manila and Okada Manila currently account for more than half of the entire casino revenue generated in the Philippines. A fourth casino coming up in the dedicated zone Westside City Resorts World is likely to open in 2021.

Dominguez pointed out that it is hard for the government to compete with large scale private casinos and said that Pagcor casinos could very well lose customers to private operators in the coming years. Thus the move to privatize Pagcor casinos is being done at the correct time.

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LeoVegas is New Betting Wife/husband of German Handball Confederation

LeoVegas is New Betting Wife/husband of German Handball Confederation

LeoVegas Sports agrees advertising deal in Germany

LeoVegas Sports strikes deal with German Handball League.

LeoVegas Sport, a part of the Swedish LeoVegas Group that also runs a high-quality casino, has partnered with one of the strongest handball leagues in the world, the German DKB Handball Bundesliga.

The new deal will see the two sides work together for at least next two seasons, 2017/18 and 2018/19.

The newly-signed partnership will include a wide variety of activities, including the usual allocation of advertising space for the events organized by Handball Bundesliga.

New Partner Already Introduced

LeoVegas Sport was officially introduced as the Handball Bundesliga new sports betting partners last week, during the Pixum Super Cup match between the ruling champions of Germany Rhein-Neckar Löwen and THW Kiel, the last season’s cup winner.

LeoVegas Sport presented itself in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, while the match was won by Rhein-Neckar Löwen. In addition, the company will increase its presence on Handball Bundesliga online channels. A similar range of activities is planned for the All Star Game, scheduled for February 2, 2018.

As a part of the deal, LeoVegas will be able to use the name and the logo of the Handball Bundesliga in its advertising campaigns for the duration of the partnership agreement.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Handball Bundesliga, Frank Bohmann, said it was a great honour to sign the deal with such a successful company like LeoVegas Sport

Both Sides Pleased With the Deal

Tobias Scholz, Head of DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) at LeoVegas said the company was pleased to be a partner of one of the world’s most successful Handball competitions. He commended the Handball Bundesliga on its excellent online interaction with fans and added he expected the two sides to achieve great things together.

Scholz said this was an excellent match for the famous brand and a very good requisite for the future implementation of joint projects.

On the other hand, Victor von Kollege, Handball Bundesliga Head of Marketing & Cooperations believes both companies will benefit from the new deal. He also said the Handball Bundesliga was already planning new activities with LeoVegas Sport, which the fans could look forward to in the near future.

The two sides will also tackle the important topic of sports betting and corresponding responsive handling that comes along with it.

Extra pocket a just about 10 percent Feature Every Week at 32Red Betting

Extra pocket a just about 10 percent Feature Every Week at 32Red Betting

The winter has finally come in the seventh season of the popular Game of Thrones TV series. In order to celebrate the return of the show, 32Red Casino decided to offer a cool new promotion to all Game of Thrones fans across the globe! Starting from 14th July, all players that play the Game of Thrones 243 Ways, or Game of Thrones 15 Lines video slots can hope for a neat 10% casino bonus.

You will get your 10% bonus on all your winning, but even if you don’t win do not despair, because you will get your 10% bonus anyway! All you have to remember is that the Game of Thrones™ online slot Giveaway promotion is active only during weekends, so if you want your bonus, come down to 32Red Casino every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 27th August, because that is when the promotion ends.

If you were wondering when you will get your bonuses, it will appear on your balance on the following Monday. No need to worry, it will be there, because 32Red Casino always pays his debts, just like those damn Lannisters!

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Earn big a Medical Glide at Betting Journey

Earn big a Medical Glide at Betting Journey

Prepare for the best offer of the summer, because Casino Cruise decided to treat some of their loyal customers with a luxurious cruise around the Mediterranean! If you want to book your ticket for the MSC Musica cruiser, you will have to wager at least $ 50 on any of the games on the offer in order to get one prize draw ticket. Wager as much as you can, because with more prize draw tickets you will increase your chances in the final draw!

The mayor prize is a four-night stay aboard MSC Musica, which will sail across the Mediterranean seas. The reward includes a private balcony with the view of the ocean, stylish stateroom accommodation, free room service including breakfast in bed and a priority seating for evening dinner.

Dance your way through the Crystal Lounge, have a cigar at the Havana Club, enjoy vine tasting, try your luck in the Sanremo Casino, or relax and watch a play at La Scala Theatre!

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Betting house Rumor for best Casino

Betting house Rumor for best Casino

For someone who is passionate about online casino games, then it is very crucial to understand the game rules and strategies which boost up your chances of winning. Since there are so many online casinos and it is difficult to trust their reliability. The best way to get information about online casino and their games is casino news with the help of which your money goes to genuine casinos. Information related to casino is very useful as they actually make it possible for you to win money. The player who is always lucky at winning money at casinos work their way by referring to the latest updates about Best Online Casino games and their rules. This helps in understanding the game and finding out any loopholes in it. Getting an idea about the game beforehand helps you in analysing the level of risk involved in it.

If you stumble upon an online casino website then it would be wise of you if you prefer the very best casino site because they are reliable and you have a chance of winning a bonus upon joining. Your money is not at stake with them since they provide facility of smaller deposits. Whether you prefer Online Bingo Games or some other game, the online casino should be the ideal one. One can even get all the money back from it in the form of casino bonus hence loss of money is reduced. You can earn more money either by play more and more and increasing your chances of winning or you can understand the system so that you always have a healthy flow of the money. Understanding of a game is possible by following the website giving you reviews about casinos and games along with tricks and tips for it. These reviews sites for casino games are worth to try and follow at all the times.

Around the world, there are several people who are fond of playing online casinos, they require genuine sources of information that keeps them updated about all the news and information related to online casinos so that they are always aware of what’s new in an online casino and can also get an idea about all the games and its rules and regulations. This news is related to new games that are introduced and also about the new online casinos. One can increase the chances of winning money by following these methods.

The people who have earned a lot of money through online casinos can always tell you about the tricks to earn more money from online games such as Online Poker Games but their ways of earning decline hence not reliable. That’s why self learning the best tricks is the thing which can assure of getting a healthy sum of money every time you play. Learning things by yourselves would give you confidence about your ways and follows these methods would give you substantial winnings while you play. So whenever you play online casino do get updated with the latest news.

Do Comped Betting Credits Need Using By means of?

Do Comped Betting Credits Need Using By means of?

Every casino site you will come across online will have some form of player reward scheme in place, and those schemes are usually known as comp clubs. When you set about playing the games on offer at such a casino site each wager you place for real money will be earning you comp points.

Those comp points will continue to accumulate in your comp club account each time you play in a real money playing environment and the aim of that loyalty scheme is to reward our custom and gaming action with playing credits.

You will be given the ability of exchanging your comp points for playing credits when you have saved up enough of them and the more points you earn the more comped playing credits you will be awarded with, and often the more points you do earn the higher up the many different tiers of a comp club you will progress.

The higher you do progress the more additional comps you will be awarded with and the lower the redemption rates will become in regards to turning your comp points into playing credits. So casinos will award your comped playing credits as cash credits and some will award them as bonus credits, the latter casinos will attach a play through requirement to your comp playing credits!

Comp Point Multipliers

Promotional offers are of course always going to be available to you no matter at which casino site you sign up to and play at, however many players tend not to want to claim deposit type of bonuses for by doing so they are not going to be in a position where they can cash out any winnings until they have achieved the play through requirements attached to bonuses!

With that in mind do look out for a comp point based type of promotional offer that many online casino sites will make available to you, for by making use of for example a comp point multiplier promotional offer you will find the number of comp points you will earn when playing for example a range of casino selected slot machines will be enhanced.

It is usually the themed slot games that are themed around the time of the year that will have those comp point multipliers attached to them. So look out for Easter themed slots at Easter time for example or Halloween themed slots at Halloween as those slot machines may award you lots of additional comp points when you play them at that time of the year!

When to Redeem Your Comp Points

Some online and mobile casinos may force you to redeem your comp points just once a month in fact we have come across a couple of online casino sites that will redeem your accumulated comp points on the last day of each month and as such you should always ensure you are playing at a casino site that give you more flexibility in regards to when you can cash in and exchange your comp points.

The majority of our fully approved and top rated casino sites are going to let all of their players cash in and redeem their comp points for playing credits at any time of the night or day and the entire system for redeeming your comp points at those sites is automated, so you will get your points redeemed for playing credits instantly!

Most players will however wait until they have a large number of comp points saved up in their casino comp club account before they cash them in for by doing so those players are going to get a much larger number of bonus playing credits than if they cashed them in when they only had a small number of them saved up!


Never underestimate the value of casino comps for you can achieve some very high payouts when you do redeem your accumulated comp points and turn them into playing credits!

But as part of your checklist of wants and demands from any casino sites you choose to play at we would encourage you to always ensure that you select a casino site that does have a very good players club on offer as that way you will get more rewards from your real money gambling action.

Obviously you are never going to earn comp points when you are playing for free, however that is a good way to initially discover if a casino site has the range of games on offer that you like playing the most and it is also a very good way to see if you do actually enjoy playing those game online.

Take a good look round our website for we are more than confident that every single casino we have reviewed is going to be giving you a fully rounded gaming experience and one you will always be rewarded for when playing for real money!

888 Betting Will provide approximately €8,888 Boosting FreePlay Relishes

888 Betting Will provide approximately €8,888 Boosting FreePlay Relishes

There’s a gold rush down at 888Casino in the beginning of spring. The ice melted, revealing a great number of golden nuggets, worth up to €8,888. The best thing is that you don’t need to be an experienced miner to snatch your share of the gold, because all you will have to do is enter the GOLDRUSH promo code, deposit at least €20 and are in the game!

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Betting Welcome bonus Every Friday for Board Psychos at Bovada

Betting Welcome bonus Every Friday for Board Psychos at Bovada

Bovada Casino recently celebrated their 5th anniversary. The sister casino of Bodog opened their doors for gamers in December 2011 and up until now they have hosted hundreds of thousands of players. Their army of customers is constantly increasing, thanks to lots of entertaining games and cool promotions on the offer.

One of their most popular promotions is Table Mania Tuesdays, when thousands of table maniacs gather and test their luck with more than 20 table games on the offer. Those players who wager more than $ 250 every Tuesday are rewarded with a neat $ 10 bonus the next day.

Table games can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have a quick mind and a cool hand, but even if you lose all your money, don’t worry, because Bovada casino makes sure you don’t end up empty-handed.

Just log in to your account and wait for the bonus code. The code has to be redeemed within 30 days if you want to use your bonus.  If you have a slow Tuesday and love table games, than you should definitely visit Bovada casino.

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