United Kingdom Gambling Commission Announces New Business Plan

United Kingdom Gambling Commission Announces New Business Plan

UK Gambling Commission plans further improvements in years to come.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has launched its latest Business plan, which summarizes the goals and priorities for 2017/2018.

The British gambling authority will turn its attention to five key areas, which are (in no particular order):

  • Consumer protection
  • Raising standards throughout the entire gambling sector
  • New partnerships
  • Ensuring fair play on the National Lottery
  • Further improvement of regulation

The New Strategy

But the adoption of the new Business plan is just a part of the much wider picture, which also includes shaping the three-year corporate strategy. The Commission has already asked its stakeholders and all the relevant figures in the industry to help in this process, by contributing their views and opinions.

Even the Chairman of the UKGC stated that everyone involved in the work of the Commission should participate in decision-making. It was important, he added, to discuss how to make the best market impact.

Chairman Moyes said the joint efforts would help the Commission to further improve its services and maintain the consumer trust. Therefore, the Commission is constantly encouraging the industry to seek new solutions and approaches in order to keep gambling safe for everyone.

About the UKGC

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a government agency founded in 2007 and has the responsibility in regulating arcades, betting, bingo, casinos, slot machines and lotteries. Since 2013, the Commission became in charge of regulating the National Lottery. The headquarters of the Commission is in Birmingham, and it employs 280 people.

The Commission’s main responsibilities are, as they say, to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open manner, and to protect the minors and problem gamblers.

The UKGC is widely regarded as one of the best regulatory bodies in the world, partly because it offers the highest level of protection for its consumers. This is the reason why the UKGC-licensed casinos are viewed as extremely safe and trustworthy.


Casino Du Liban Announces Online Venture

Casino Du Liban Announces Online Venture

The only Lebanon’s casino – Casino du Liban – has officially made steps in efforts to rise back from the ashes and restore some of its former glory.

First opened in 1959, Casino du Liban has long been the luxurious casino resort with its Mediterranean appeal as a strong incentive and appeal which went on strong until the end of Lebanon’s Civil War.

Re-opened in 1995, the casino has undergone a major overhaul under the guidance of the owners – London Clubs International, but once the favourite venue is far away from getting back on its feet as it struggles to stay afloat.

The government stepped up their efforts to help the casino back in 2013, by blocking international online gambling sites who were seen as harmful for Casino du Liban’s profits. Despite the fact it holds the monopoly over the gambling activity in the country however, Casino Du Liban has been forced to look for alternate ways to help increase the business volume.

Therefore, the casino’s management has launched an official project that is aimed at venturing into the online gambling market.

Casino du Liban launched a public tender last week, which will remain opened until 19 January, with interested parties still having some time to submit their applications. Bidders and potential technical partners must showcase experience in the online gambling technology, in addition to providing sufficient means to overcome financial stipulations of the tender.

The applicants are required to commit themselves to investing at least $ 15 million into the online platform.

What is more, the applicants must demonstrate that they are currently generating revenues of at least $ 650 million, 75% of which should be accumulated through gaming and gambling.

The new online platform is supposed to offer “all forms of gaming and sports betting” for the casino in a country which is yet to present and adopt any laws related to online gambling regulations.


UK National Lottery Announces Millionaire Record

UK National Lottery Announces Millionaire Record

national-lotteryIt has been a rather good year for the United Kingdom National Lottery players in 2016.

According to national operator Camelot and via The Times, the total of 347 players received cheques exceeding £1 million which in the newly-set record comparing to 2015 when 341 people were announced millionaires, courtesy of UK National Lottery.

The 347 winners have shared £862 million in total, with the highest jackpot worth £66 million was won on 9 January being shared between two ticket-holders from the Scottish Borders.

Newly-set record comes as a surprise of sort given the fact that the lottery approved and induced changes to the lotto system by increasing the number of balls from 49 to 59, which lowered the chance of winning the jackpot from one in 14 million to 1 in 45 million.

UK National Lottery senior winners’ adviser Andy Carter thanked all players who took part in lottery in 2016.

“The National Lottery changes lives, not just of the winners but also for the projects that receive support. Thank you to everybody who bought a ticket or scratch card in 2016 as they have helped to win Olympic medals and support local communities,” he said.

Interestingly enough, drivers were the luckiest of professions this year as lorry and cabby drivers scooped more £1 million prizes and above to beat the building profession which came in second.

Camelot has had an eventful year behind them as National Lottery continues to investigate the cyber attack which occurred earlier in November when some 26,500 customers’ accounts were hacked.